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[e-drug] Information on mobilization in Brazil (cont)

E-drug: Information on mobilization in Brazil (cont)
Dear colleagues,

First of all I would like to congratulate TAC for the excellent mobilization.

The demonstration in Sao Paulo had 60 people, made a good noise. People
carried a coffin to the American Consulate, dressed in black and with some
dramatic outfit. The demonstration had the support of  Federal Deputy
Eduardo Jorge and the State Deputy in Sao Paulo Mr. Paulo Teixeira (not the
AIDS National Coordinator, with the same name).

The American Consul received one representative from the community,
Journalist Mario Scheffer, from Grupo Pela VIDDA/Sao Paulo, member of the
National Council on Health, and the deputies. He admitted there were
demonstrations in several cities around the world in front of American
representations. He received a copy of the document I referred to yesterday.

The media covered the TAC demonstration in South Africa and all TV networks
in Brazil made long editorials on the night news about the patents issue,
the Brazilian visibility and how people are fighting this problem in Africa.
They spoke on the UNGASS meeting as well. We have to make something
important for the occasion, by the international AIDS social movement.

There were many interviews, here and there. I gave one to the BBC 
World Radio Service.

We launched the news for over 3,000 individuals and organizations today and
we are glad to inform you that the Rio de Janeiro Forum of AIDS-NGOs, 
by Grupo Pela VIDDA/RJ and ABIA, are organising an important seminar 
March 26th, Monday, at the Conference Center at the seat of the State 
Industry Federation). Title "Are Patents a threat to the Public 
Mediator: Monica Barbosa, President Grupo Pela VIDDA/NiterÛi
Expositors: Dr. Eloan Pinheiro, Director, Far-Manguinhos (largest 
producer of generics in Brasil); the new President of the 
GlaxoSmithKline in Brazil
(I don't have his name yet);
Debate between FASE (one of the Brazilian largest NGOs, representing
different social movements, Dr. Fatima Mello) and the (TM & Patents) Law
Firm Dannemann, Siemsem, Bigler & Ipanema-Moreira (largest law firm in Latin
America for patents); probably Dr. Dannemann himself will be debating.
Debate with the participation of the expositors.

We believe this will bring the interest of the media locally and will bring
about much discussion.

I'm sorry about the snow storms in the American East Coast; probably made
the demonstrations more difficult.

Thanks for your attention. Congratulations for all !!!

Ezio T Santos Filho
Grupo Pela VIDDA/RJ
"Ezio Santos-Filho" <etfilho@attglobal.net>
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