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[e-drug] Prednisolone in veterinary intramammary preparations

E-drug: Prednisolone in veterinary intramammary preparations
The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe is responsible for the 
registration of human and veterinary medicines as well as licensing 
of persons and premises involved in handling medicines.

The Authority is currently reviewing the acceptability of inclusion 
of prednisolone in veterinary intramammary preparations (for infusion 
into the teat canal of cattle) for treatment of mastitis.  Applicants 
intending to register products containing predisolone in combination 
with antibiotics have been requested to provide justification for 
inclusion of prednisolone.  The therapeutic advantage for inclusion 
of prednisolone was found to be questionable, with some researchers 
supporting its use; and others discouraging its use.

We would appreciate if:
-  other regulatory authorities could advise whether such combination 
(prednisolone + antibiotics) intramammary products are approved in 
-  experts in the field of mastitis treatment could guide us with 
respect to use of prednisolone infusions into the teat canal.

Thank you in advance.

William Wekwete (Dr)  (BVSc)

Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe
P O Box  UA 559, Union Avenue
HARARE, Zimbabwe
Tel: 263-4-736981/5, 708255, 792165
Fax: 263-4-736980
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