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[e-drug] Rational use of drugs (cont)

E-drug: Rational use of drugs (cont)
Dear all,
We also have had some degree of resistance/rejection when we describe
prescription practices to clinical colleagues as "irrational". This extends to
the situation when trying to teach teachers to teach problem-based/rational
pharmacotherapeutics in medical schools. A great deal of the practice patterns
we have come across may be tentatively described as rational (albeit perhaps
unethical, and even some arguments would make Descartes or Popper 
quiver in their graves) but wholly inappropriate or inadequate. The 
term may also have a down-side as well in that it allows for never 
ending philosophical discussions about rationalism, specially with 
the recent post-modernist challenge so in vogue. Although terms such 
as "inappropriate" or "inadequate" also involves a value judgement, 
we resort to these adjectives, and try to attack such prescription 
patterns through published evidence-based arguments on their 
non-beneficial effects for the individual and for society.

Kind regards,
Rodolfo J Dennis, MD MSc
Chairman of Medicine
School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Bogota, Colombia
Rodolfo Dennis <rdennis@javeriana.edu.co>

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