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[e-drug] Serious Manufacturing Problems at Schering-Plough

E-drug: Serious Manufacturing Problems at Schering-Plough
Dear Colleagues,

This morning (March 1, 2001) we wrote to the U.S.'s new Secretary of 
Health and Human Services urging him to launch an investigation into 
criminal charges against Schering-Plough based on the possibility 
that the company knowingly shipped millions of albuterol (Proventil 
in the U.S.) metered dose inhalers that were eventually recalled, 
between the time the company became aware of the seriously flawed 
manufacturing processes and the time the recall was finally 
accomplished.  Some albuterol canisters contained no active 
ingredient.  We also urged the Secretary to investigate the company 
for continuing to ship other prescription drug products while fully 
aware of the serious violations of Food and Drug Administration Good 
Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines during their production.

The full text of our letter and documentation can be found on our web 
site at: www.citizen.org/hrg/PUBLICATIONS/1559.htm.

Warmest regards,


Larry D. Sasich, Pharm.D., M.P.H., FASHP
Public Citizen's Health Research Group
1600 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Voice: 202-588-7782
FAX:   202-588-7793
E-Mail: lsasich@citizen.org
Web Site: www.citizen.org/hrg
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