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[e-drug] Unsafe injections in Pakistan (cont)

E-drug: Unsafe injections in Pakistan (cont)

Dear E-Druggers,

Unsafe injections area way of life in many parts of the world.  WHO's
definition has three parts:

No harm to the recipient
No avoidable risk to the person giving the injection
No harm to other people from the waste

I have carried out 4 injection safety assessment in recent months 2 in
Europe, 1 in Central Asia and 1 in Africa.  All showed high levels of risk.
  Reuse of disposables is only one of the problems.  For example unclean
and inappropriate injection technique by nurses is very very common, and
inappropriate disposal of used 'sharps' is almost universal, at  meeting of
health officials 2 weeks ago I asked  how many had seen a safety box for
the disposal of used syringes and other sharps only 1 the 150 people
attending had.  For those interested the WHO Bulletin for December 1999 and
January 2000  had a number of articles on many aspects of Injection Safety,
including the merits of using sterilisable syringes. see

Another web site that cover injection safety is:

Anthony Battersby
FBA Health Systems Analysts
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