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[e-drug] Rational use of drugs (cont)

E-drug: Rational use of drugs (cont)
Dear All,

My eye fell upon the (WHO?) definition of rational drugs, as
provided in the nice overview of Kathy Holloway.
'The rational Use of Drugs requires that patients receive medication
appropriate to their clinical needs, in doses that meet their own
individual requirements, for an adequate period of time and at the
lowest costs to them and their community.'

It occurred to me that that definition possibly needs revision. With
the increasing importance of the role of drugs in the total health
care of a patient, the word 'clinical' seems rather old-fashioned in
that definition. Based on the 5 D's as the final outcome of
healthcare and the recognition of the individuality of the patient,
rational drug use should be based upon patients health care needs
instead of only the clinical needs. Any ideas about this out in the


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