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E-DRUG: pre-qualification of suppliers

Dear All

Does anyone have any experience in the setting up and implementation of a 
system to pre-qualify suppliers in the procurement process in organisations 
such as a National Medical Stores? Some countries have been using such a 
system for some time, e.g. the Eastern Caribbean Drug Service (ECDS), who 
use a questionnaire for prospective manufacturers and distributors prior to 
the tendering process. Bhutan developed a system to monitor the performance 
of suppliers after a contract had been issued, the results of which are 
used in the tendering process in the choice of future suppliers. We are not 
sure whether this system still functions. Yemen have introduced a system 
whereby GMP inspection, undertaken by international inspectors, is required 
before pharmaceutical products can be imported into the country.

If you know of any such system that is used to pre-qualify suppliers (apart 
from the standard conditions in a tender document, i.e. Country of Origin, 
WHO Certification Scheme, specifications - BP, USP, etc) before or during 
the tendering process please contact us.

With thanks

Valerie Remedios
Euro Health Group
Tinghojvej 77
2860 Soborg, Denmark
Tel: +45 39 69 68 88
Fax: +45 39 69 58 88
E-mail: vremedios@ehg.dk
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