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[e-drug] Table of content Prescrire International, April 2000

E-drug: Table of content Prescrire International, April 2000

Table of contents of Prescrire International, April 2000 - Volume 9 - Nr. 

Prescrire International is the English language edition of La revue 
Prescrire. It consists of a selection of articles of international interest 
from the monthly French-language journal La revue Prescrire. Prescrire 
International contains evaluations of new drugs and new indications,
information on adverse effects, and assessments of therapeutic 

(The April issue comes out with an index covering articles published 
between 1995 and 1999)


Funding of medicines agencies


1999 Prescrire Awards

Golden Pill not awarded

Abciximab (new indication)

Helpful in patients with unstable angina or undergoing percutaneous 
coronary intervention

Paclitaxel and lung cancer (new preparation)

No better than cisplatin-based therapy

Gabapentin (new indication): Possibly helpful in partial epilepsy

Nabumetone (new preparation): Another NSAID with no proven innovation for 
the patient

Efavirenz (new preparation): Offers an advantage as an alternative to HIV 
protease inhibitors

News of Prescrire' reps monitoring network


Pancytopenia due to the interaction of allopurinol with azathioprine or 
mercaptopurine: Combinations should be avoided

Prohibition of phenolphthalein: Welcome withdrawal due to a poor 
risk-benefit ratio


Management of HIV-infected adults: Update on antiretroviral therapy

Tamoxifen unsuitable for primary prevention of breast cancer: No proven 
benefit, clear risks

Don't exaggerate the systemic adverse effects of hepatitis B vaccination

Anecdotal reports of neurological conditions do not challenge benefits

Prescrire International is financed by subscription fees only. We cannot 
provide free subscriptions. If you do not know the journal we can send you
a sample issue. Send us your name and address if you want to receive a 
sample issue of Prescrire International. An annual subscription covers six
issues of Prescrire International plus an index to issues during the 
previous five years and costs $ 60 (FF 310) for individuals, $38 (FF = 200) 
for students, and 240$ (FF1240) for commercial institutions.

La revue Prescrire
Association Mieux Prescrire
BP 459
75527 Paris Cedex 11
Tel. 33 1 49 23 72 65
Fax 33 1 48 07 87 32
email : international@prescrire.org

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