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[e-drug] PRDU course amendment to Trainers List

E-DRUG: PRDU course amendment to Trainers List

dear E-druggers,

I apologize for omitting by mistake Dr. Kathy Holloway to the list 
of Trainers of the 2-15 July PRDU course here in Nigeria.

Please find below a description for her:

"Dr. Kathy Holloway is a medical officer with the dept.of Essential 
Drugs and Medicines Policy in WHO Geneva. She worked for 10 years as 
a clinician in the UK national health service, and then 10 years, in 
both clinical medicine and public health, in Asia. Her experience in 
Asia includes managing a small hospital, where malaria was the most 
prevalent disease, TB and leprosy control, and during 1991-8 on 
Essential Drugs in Nepal, where she conducted research into the 
effect of user fees on rational drug use."


Prof AFB Mabadeje
INRUD Nigeria Group & PRDU 2000 Couirse Coordinator

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