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[e-drug] Standard Treatment Guidelines (cont'd)

E-drug: Standard Treatment Guidelines (cont'd)

Dear colleagues,

If you are looking for standard treatment guidelines for the saharaui
refugee camps, they already exist. A lot of spanish NGO's have used
them. One of them, Medicus Mundi, edited a kind of Vademecum with
the saharaui MoH. If you are thinking to work with the saharaui
refugees, I think you should contact Medicus Mundi in Barcelona. I
only have the contact info for Medicus Mundi Madrid but you can try 
tel 34-913195849/913196201, fax 34-913195738, or e-mail

Pilar Cirugeda Campa
Red Cross Spain
e-mail: pcc@cruzroja.es

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