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[e-drug] Standard Treatment Guidelines

E-drug: Standard Treatment Guidelines

Dear colleagues,

Preparing a workshop for the promotion and development of treatment
guidelines in the sahraui refugee camps in southeast Algeria I`m
looking for useful material for and reports of experiences with such
trainings. I already got the Guide for good prescription of the

Furthermore - if anybody hold current treatment guidelines of
neighbouring states (Mauretania, Mali, Niger) or Algeria, I would be
most grateful to receive a copy of them, too.

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Andreas Wulf
project department medico international
Obermainanlage 7, D-60314 Frankfurt/Main - Germany
Tel: +49 69 9443835
Fax: +49 69 436002

[There are many treatment guidelines prepared by donor agencies,
country programmes, NGO's, etc. Some are better than others, but
many suffer of not having had a wide consultation process and
therefore may have problems with acceptability by end users (see the
very recent article by Grilli R et al "Development of practice
guidelines", Lancet, 355, 9198, 8 January 2000). WHO is currently 
working to prepare model standard treatment guidelines that are in
line with the WHO Model List of Essential Drugs, and which can be
modified by countries or programmes to suit their own specific needs.
These model treatment guidelines will be useful, as they eliminate the
need to start from scratch. Over 100 WHO prepared treatment
guidelines are now being evaluated for their inclusion in these model 
treatment guidelines. There is also a WHO "Guideline for Guideline
development" in the making, which can be used as a model as well. 
I would start checking out the WHO/EDM website 

Another interesting development is the collaboration that is being
offered by the authorative British National Formulary (BNF) to assist
country programmes in preparing a National Formulary on the basis of
the BNF and the National Essential Drugs List of the country in
question. BNF also provides rather comprehensive treatment
guidelines. Country programmes can have their full say re contents
and EDL updates can easily be incorporated at a later stage. Please
contact BNF for the details. Hilbrand Haak, E-drug co-moderator].

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