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I have been asked to present a paper on TB drug issues at the American
branch of IUATLD meeting in Vancouver in late February. I was
planning to talk about FDC's and second line drugs but as preparation
for this I have been looking at TB drug prices. What I have found is
that in the US prices have risen regularly over the past 20 years while
internationally the prices have fallen until there is now a many fold
difference in price for some products.

I am investigating how states could procure internationally to achieve
major savings. Of course these finished products would have to be
approved in the US by the FDA. When I was in India last month I was
told that many raw materials are produced in India in FDA inspected
plants. My question is "Are there TB drug producers who have been
approved for TB drug production as finished product producers from
whom states could purchase TB drugs directly?

Thank you,

Richard Laing
Associate Professor of International Health
Boston University School of Public Health
715 Albany St, T4W, Boston MA 02118 USA
Tel 617 414-1444 Fax 617 638-4476
E-mail richardl@bu.edu

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