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From: Niels Rosenquist <jrosenqu@mail.med.upenn.edu>
Subject: Looking for Advice

E-drug: Looking for Advice


I am about to end my first year of graduate school in health care
economics and two years of medical school (I'm in an MD/PhD
program). While my interests involve medicine and health care
economics in developing countries, it's not exactly up the alley of my
faculty, which focuses primarily on G7 countries. I was wondering if
any of you knew of worthwhile summer experiences for folks like me
that exist, either in the US or abroad. Specifically, I'm interested in
childrens' health and access to care as well as the structure of health
care systems. As always, I appreciate your help.


J. Niels Rosenquist
MD/PhD Candidate
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
The Wharton School of Business
Philadelphia, USA

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