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E-DRUG: HGH (cont)

E-drug: HGH (cont)
Dear E-druggers,

Two weeks ago Wilbert Bannenberg wrote about the unbelievable advertisement
of HGH as beeing "the ultimate anti-aging therapy".
We are presently preparing a tv documentary for German television about the
misuse of HGH by bodybuilders, athletes and anti-aging clinics. There is a
black market of course and obviously the producers of HGH, mostly well
known international pharmaceutical multis, do accept the illegal market as
extra profit. It is probably more important for them as the small but legal
market of HGH.
Also we found out that there is still HGH from human sources on the black
market, coming from Lithuania and produced from human hypophyses imported
from Russia to Lithuania. This material is much cheaper than the
recombinant stuff but contains the big risk of infection with

- Does anyone have experience with human HGH from Lithuania?
- Does anyone know of anti-aging-institutions in Germany or Europe offering
- Does anyone have an idea about the economic seize of the legal and the
black market of recombinant HGH?
- Does anyone have concrete informations or cases about athletes using HGH?

Any piece of information would be warmly wellcomed. Confidential
informations could be send directly to my email EKochfilm@aol.com.

Egmont R. Koch
Am Querkamp 4a
D-28355 Bremen
Tel.  0049 421 404678
Fax. 0049 421 404679
email: EKochfilm@aol.com

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