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E-DRUG: Care of the elderly

E-drug:  Care of the elderly
Dear E-drug list members,
In May 2nd 1999 the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia will hold
its annual seminar and care of the elderly is the chosen topic.  I have
been asked to talk on "Practical approaches to care of the elderly-The role
of the Pharmacist"

I would be very happy to share the experiences of other pharmacists
inreporting particular approaches taken to care for the elderly from a
pharmaceutical perspective.  Please help me to provide a comprehensive
overview of what pharmacists are doing in this important area of care
provision.  If you could include cost of the service provision and ways by
which you measure impact of the care would also be most helpful.

I will report back to e-drug a summary of responses.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Happy New Year

Phillip Passmore
Phillip R Passmore PhD, FPS, MRPharmS
P.S.M. International Pty Ltd
Pharmaceutical Services Planning and Management Consultancies
P.O. Box 392
Como 6152
Western Australia
Tel ++ 61 8 93674661, Fax ++ 61 8 93674662
email psmint@iinet.net.au

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