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Re: E-DRUG: E-DRUG Metronidazole in newborns and infants (Reply)

E-DRUG Metronidazole in newborns and infants (Reply)

Dear Ms Silva,

The Royal Children's Hospital (Australia) formulary states:
15 mg/kg stat, then 7.5 mg/kg/dose (max 800 mg) 12 H in the neonate 
(1st maintenance dose 48 hr after load in preterm, 24h in term baby), 
8H (4+wk) IV, PR or oral. 

The Neonatal Formulary (Northern Neonatal Network, BMJ Publ.Gr. 1996) 
Neonatal use: A loading dose of 15 mg/kg IV slowly over 10 minutes 
followed by 7.5 mg/kg every 12 hours orally or equally slowly IV will 
normally maintain blood levels above the minimum ihibitory 
concentration of 6-8 microg/ml (1 microg/ml = 5.84 micromol/l). It 
may be advisable to monitor blood levels in order to optimise 
management when metronidazole is being used in the management of 
Older children: It is probably appropriate to give 7.5 mg/kg every 8 
hours in babies more than 3-4 weeks old, but there us little 
information available as yet.

Hope this helps. Good wishes.

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