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E-DRUG: E-DRUG WTO's top 10 misunderstandings

E-DRUG WTO's top 10 misunderstandings

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has an interesting document on its
home page, called: "10 common misunderstandings about the WTO."  The
document claims to rebut each "misunderstanding."  Here are the
"misunderstandings" that the WTO says are "not true."
10 common misunderstandings about the WTO"

1.      The WTO dictates governments' policies.
2.      The WTO is for free trade at any cost.
3.      The WTO is only concerned about commercial interests. 
        This takes priority over development. 
4.      In the WTO, commercial interests take priority over
        environmental protection. 
5.      The WTO dictates to governments on issues such as food safety, 
        and human health and safety. Again commercial interests 
6.      The WTO destroys jobs, widens the gap between rich and poor. 
7.      Small countries are powerless in the WTO. 
8.      The WTO is the tool of powerful lobbies.
9.      Weaker countries have no choice, they are forced to join the 
10.     The WTO is undemocratic.

You can read this, with the "not true" sections, from the WTO's web
page, at: http://www.wto.org/wto/new/misund.htm

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