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Re: E-DRUG: E-DRUG Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Marihuana

E-DRUG: E-DRUG Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Marihuana

The question about marihuana is relevant.  It is a drug and it does
interact with other drugs.  Some time ago I approached E-druggers for info
about interactions with antiepileptic drugs and warfarin.  Because
marihuana is not an 'official' pharmaceutical drug it is very hard to find
anything about it in pharmaceutical publications.  Patients do use this
substance at the same time as taking their usual medications and we have to
know what might happen.  I got some useful info from South Africa but most
useful from primary sources at the local drug and alcohol unit at a major
teaching hospital in Melbourne.  I can approach that unit to see if they
would be willing to be approached by Dr Meyerhold. Of practical importance
in relation to my query, was the point that for a chronic user,
antiepileptic drug and warfarin levels would be calculated in the presence
of marihuana so adjustments for the effects of the levels of those drugs
(which there are) would be made.  Dr Meyerhold can approach me directly.

Beverley Snell


>E-DRUG Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Marihuana
>Someone in my group - we are a group of practitioners in Kenya -
>raised the question regarding uptodate knowledge of acute and chronic
>toxicity of Marihuana.
>Can anyone of you help ? Required is recent rather than standard
>You may reply directly to AJM@ken.healthnet.org
>Dr.Andrew J.Meyerhold, P.O.Box 40384 Nairobi, Kenya.
>Health Professional.
>[Moderators Comment: This may not be the best discussion group to respond
>to this query but I am sure that our readers can suggest a group or an
>Richard Laing Co-Moderator]
>Send mail for the `E-Drug' conference to `e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.
>Mail administrative requests to `majordomo@usa.healthnet.org'.
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Beverley Snell
Public Health Pharmacist
International Health Unit, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research,
P O Box 254 Fairfield Australia 3078
Telephone 613 9282 2275
Fax 613 9482 3123
email <bev@burnet.edu.au>

Send mail for the `E-Drug' conference to `e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.
Mail administrative requests to `majordomo@usa.healthnet.org'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `owner-e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.

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