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E-DRUG: E-Drug Olle Hansansson Day

E-Drug Olle Hansansson Day

Dear E-Druggers,
I am a neurosurgeon by profession and also interested in drug related
issues. I am working in the Peoples Science Movement called Kerala
Sastra Sahithya Parishad recepient of the right livlihood award of year
before last.The organisation is situated in the southern most state of
India, Kerala(m).
Every year on May 23rd we observe as Olle Hansansson Day. This year we
published the Malayalam (Local Language) translation of Dr. Zafarulla
Chaudahary's book
" Politics of  Essential Drugs" and also organised discussions on the
impact of WTO/TRIPS on the Indian patent laws.The book will be sold on a
no profit no loss basis. Those who require a copy as a souvenir may send
requests to me. Being a highly literate state (More than 95%) spreading
messages through publication is effortless in our state. We will be
printing this year 25,000 copies of the book

Dr. B. Ekbal, Professor of Neurosurgery, Medical College Hospital,
Kottayam 686 008 Keralam India.
Phone 91-481-597555 Fax: 91-481-598284 
Email: ekbal@giasmd01.vsnl.net.in

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