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E-DRUG: E-DRUG Costs of developing drugs

E-DRUG Costs of developing drugs

I think David Henry raises an important questions people tend to forget. To
add on it:

Companies claim they spend a lot of money on research. But where do they
get the money from? By selling drugs.  Who pays for drug development in the
end? The whole society (via social security systems) and/or patients via
drug prices.

 So why should society have no say in which direction research goes? There
may be different ways to do this (e.g. not re-emburse certain drugs by
social security systems or to be stricter in drug licensing and to insist
on added therapeutic value or less side effects). But I can't see any good
reason why to leave this decisions to companies alone. 

John Urquart's comment on research  defining market economy as a "law of
nature" and anything else would mean making "water flowing uphill" as he
said, is quite unscientific.

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