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Re: E-DRUG: E-DRUG US FDA rules re travel payments

Great, but who checks it? Airline tickets in brown envelopes - hotel 
vouchers deposited at the hotel? I am afraid it is one of those 
politically motivated guidelines which are almost impossible to 
control. Don't forget that app. 90% of all doctors attending the 
American Heart Association meetings are paid by industry. Ethical 
rules have to come from inside medical associations, not imposed from 
above - even though some form of mild enforcement is often helpful. 
It is a very powerful human instinct; receiving presents causes a 
feeling of being loved. We used to call this the OLW syndrome after 
the owl in Winnie-the-Pooh who wrote letters to himself because he 
like to have letters in his mailbox. 
My only worry is that most physicians forget that this is public 
money, and not the industry's largesse!

All the best. 
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