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Subject: E-DRUG: E-DRUG Functions of Principal Pharmacists
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E-DRUG Functions of Principal Pharmacists

In Cuba, a developing country, we have a wide strategy towards
Pharmacoepidemiology activities, mainly in Primary Care, through a Principal
Pharmacy Red of the Municipalities.
The research program includes development of pharmacoepidemiological
techniques. Drug utilization studies have been realized in Hypertension and
and Asthma, and also we are developing treatment  protocols for various
prevalent diseases in our country. Currently a pharmacovigilance net is
being developed to validate a new method in information feedback and to
support the postmarketing researches on biotechnological products
manufactured by Cuban research Centres.
Please, if more information desired contact us.
Lic Frank Debesa
Dr Miriam Cires
Dra Ana Rodriguez
Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center
44 +ACM- 502 esq 5a. Ave
Miramar, Playa
Havana, Cuba
CP 11300
Phone: (537) 24-0924
FAX: (537) 24-7227
e-mail: cdf+AEA-infomed.sld.cu

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