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E-DRUG  Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Hats off to James McCormack for his upcoming analysis in Adbusters re: the
"Sittler" ad.  Having spent copious hours trying to track down the original
research for various claims made in full page "information" ads by drug
companies in daily Canadian newspapers,  I'd like to point out that I have
never yet been successful in obtaining  a specific reference I could look
up, a knowledgeable contact or a research report through any of the 1-800
numbers identifed in such ads. (NOTE: The cost of a full page ad in the
Edmonton Journal is $10,000 per day and these ads often run for weeks.) Nor
have local academic research groups been any help. . .

In my view- until the original research on which a medical advertisement
bases its claim (and an independent deconstruct such as the one provided by
James McCormack and his colleague) is as readily and reasonably available
to the targeted audience as the information in the ad, no "advertising" to
that audience should be allowed . This is true for any product which
carries a high risk subject to a number of variables. (e.g. product,
person, prescriber)

In the meantime, we now have a situation here in Alberta where individual
patients booked for publicly insured cataract surgery at private clinics
are being marketed "upgraded" foldable cataract lens implants (for an
additional cost of $250- $600 dollars) - but there appears to be absolutely
no source of reliable third party information.  Would any e-druggers be
able to direct me to some reliable evaluation and/or cost information on
these lenses(Allergan, Storz, Chiron, Alcon) and their comparative value
over the long term with rigid lens implants?

Wendy Armstrong,
Consumers' Association of Canada (Alberta)
telephone: (403) 454-9450
faxcimile: (403) 455-8804
Box 11171, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5M 0E4

[E-Druggers may be interested in a poster presented at the ICIUM meeting.
This is Teaching critical appraisal of medicinal drug promotions in a
medical school  by Alvero RGY, Panganiban DL
The web site is: http://www.who.ch/dap-icium/posters/2a1_text.html Richard
Laing Moderator for May]

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