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E-DRUG: Libreville conference

E-DRUG: Libreville conference (2)

>From 23 to 26 march 1998 has been held in Libreville an
> inter-ministerial conference for promoting a common medicine policy in
> Africa.
> Does any e-druger have any kind of report on this conference, even
> preliminary ?

Dear E-druggers,

Please note that E-drug does have a french sister conference, called 
E-med. There were 5 messages in french about the Libreville meeting 
of ministers. Although several english E-drug messages are being 
translated by E-med volunteers, apparently no one to day has 
translated relevant french E-med messages into english. Any 

Anyone can also subscribe to E-med by sending the following message 
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Unfortunately, (old) E-med messages are not yet retrievable on the 
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> [On a related topic. The World Health assembly happened last week. What
> were the decisions that affected essential drugs? Moderator Richard laing]

The following text appeared in a WHO pressrelease:
(see http://www.who.ch/inf/pr/1998/  for all of WHO's press releases)

"One resolution in particular, on the Revised Drug Strategy, was
referred back to the WHO Executive Board to be further 
considered during its forthcoming meetings in 1998 and early 

Maybe some of the observers could comment further what happened?

Wilbert Bannenberg
E-drug moderator
Email: WilbertBannenberg@compuserve.com
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