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Re: E-DRUG: Response to Peter Mansfield's comment on Patents

E-DRUG: Response to Peter Mansfield's comment on Patents

I suggest that you urge your government to abandon funding of health 
research and use the money to pay for medicines for the needy, on the 
grounds of first things first.  While you're at it, give your salary to 
the poor, on the same principle.  

John Urquhart

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Peter Mansfield wrote:

> ***********************************
> E-DRUG: Guardian article on Meningitis Patent
> To John Urquart,
> I live in Adelaide.  We have a capitalist economy.  However we live in one
> of the driest parts of the World.  Consequently, our economy depends on
> "water flowing up hill" 60 km from Mannum on the River Murray over the
> Adelaide Hills!  This funded by all tax payers according to ability to pay.
>  There is no patent on water.
> The water pipeline is essential infrastructure for all of the economy.  So
> is health care.
> James Love's message re Government Funded Drugs provides further data
> supporting my view that government funding for innovation is a viable
> option.  It appears that government funding gets results even in the USA
> despite competition for people from the drug companies.
> There are many projects which give or loan money to poor people to enable
> them to set up enterprises which create wealth and jobs.  I suggest you
> contact your local OXFAM equivalent. 
> regards,
> Peter
> Dr Peter Mansfield
> Director, MaLAM
> MaLAM encourages pharmaceutical companies to provide more reliable
> information to assist appropriate health care.
> MaLAM Headquarters
> PO Box 172, Daw Pk SA 5041, Australia
> phone/fax +61 8 8374 2245
> peter.mansfield@flinders.edu.au
> http://www.camtech.net.au/malam

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