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Re: E-DRUG: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medicines

E-DRUG. Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines.

I'm a GP and editor at Prescrire, the French independent drug 
bulletin. I believe asking whether advertising is commensurate with 
education sounds like counting how many angels can dance on the head 
of a pin.
As a prescriber I spend a lot of time deconstructing misinformation 
from advertorials in the lay press and resisting patient request for 
hyped up and costly drugs (fluoxetine for instance, and soon the 
'hard-on while you wait'). I decided not to receive company 
representatives 10 years ago as they were unable to provide balanced 
and comparative information on new drugs, and I'm afraid that would be 
even worse with DTCA on TV 
I've seen the following argument:" DTC advertising of prescription 
medicines would 'empower' people and reluctant doctors are just 
'paternalistic'. That's simple demagoguery.

Christophe Kopp 

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