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E-DRUG: impact of patents on prices

E-DRUG Impact of patents on prices


For some reason, the USA and UK delegations to the World Health Assembly
insist on deleting a provision in a resolution that says patents will
raise prices for drugs in countries that do not have patents now.  I think
arguments can be made in favor of patents on drugs, but I don`t think it
is responsible to deny that patents raise prices.  I would very much
appreciate data on what happens to drug prices once patents expire and
generic drugs enter the market.   Please send it to me by email at
love@cptech.org or by fax to 41.22.734.9813



James Love 
Center for Study of Responsive Law | Consumer Project on Technology 
P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036 | http://www.cptech.org
Voice 202/387-8030 | Fax 202/234-5176 | love@cptech.org

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