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E-DRUG: Production Times and costs of Drug Development

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E-DRUG Production Times and costs of Drug Development

        I have been asked to colliate data on the costs and development
time of new drugs, to be included in CMR/Scrips "The Pharmaceutical R&D

Can anybody give me data on the following

Attrition rates during the development of new drugs


How many companies are outsourcing and Contract research organisations
and how much it costs

The costs and time taken to get approvial from the regulatory

The number of NCE's/NME's/biologics developed

Staffing levels within the R&D depts of pharmaceutical companies and
pharmacetical research institutes

The costs and time taken to run preclinical, phase I,II,III & IV
clinical trails

The costs of Scaling up production of the drugs

and cost and contribution of biotechnology/molecular biology towards
developing new drugs

Please send your replies to 

        infocentre@pjbpubs2.demon.co.uk or 

Thank you for any help that you can give in advance

Kind regards

Stephen Dockerill

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