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E-DRUG: USP DIs 1997 edition


Dear e-druggers,

USP DI is considered to be an authoritative source of unbiased drug
information and is used in many countries around the world. I have 
several copies of the 1997 editions of USP DI Volume 1 'Drug 
Information for the Health Care Professional' and Vol.2 'Advice for
the Patient - Drug information in lay language' which I can ship to
interested groups primarily in developing countries. 

Please note that one set of books are available for U.S. Dollars 3.00 
ONLY (original price over U.S. Dollars 200.00 each set). However, it 
is very expensive to ship the books overseas from the U.S. It costs 
U.S. Dollars 40.00 (approx.) to air mail one set (both Vol. 1 and 
Vol.2) to Pakistan. Anyone interested to receive the book has to 
pay/arrange mailing costs in U.S. Dollars. 

Ideally, I would prefer if any organization/agency supports us by 
bearing the shipping costs for mailing the books in developing 
countries. For example, last year Christian Medical Commission in 
Geneva helped distribution of the books in Kenya and WHO/PAHO in 
Latin American countries. Also, a few individuals in the U.S. took 
the books with them to groups in developing countries as a personal 
baggage when traveling and attending meetings or paid for the 

Individuals or groups interested in receiving USP DIs should write
to me DIRECTLY (email: ra@usp.org) as soon as possible and so should 
organizations who are willing to support distribution by paying 
shipping cost. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to the E-DRUG address.

Many thanks.

Syed Rizwanuddin Ahmad, MD, MPH
Division of Information Development
United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20852, USA
Email: ra@usp.org

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