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E-DRUG: Questions for Australian PTC study tour


E-DRUG Questions for Australian PTC study tour

At the end of a recent workshop in Zimbabwe on hospital P&T Committees
particiapants were asked to identify questions they would like two
Zimbabweans who were going on a study tour of Australia to examine. They
came up with the following list of 18 questions in no order of priority:

1. Consumer representation, their contribution and their role.  If possible
some of the consumer representatives should be interviewed.
2. How do the committees deal with resistant doctors?  How do they manage
3. How do they exert authority in the hospital and their relationship with
other committees in the hospital?
4. How do they identify problems to deal with and examples of any
interventions they have undertaken so far.
5. What have they achieved, and how do they evaluate their impact?
6. What has not worked?
7. Any examples of medication errors they have tracked and how?
8. Any publications by the committees?
9. How are health services delivered , especially the pharmaceutical
benefits scheme?
10. What is the membership of these committees?
11. Are their any incentives for people to serve on the committees?
12. Funding/budgetary issues, how do they handle these?
13. Any special data collection tools?
14. Have they had any impact on private practitioners?
15. Have they had any influence on the training of doctors and pharmacists?
16. Are there any differences in the functioning of these committees
between the rural and urban setup?

I would welcome additional questions. Hopefully when the two have completed
their study tour they will be able to report to e-drug readers.

Richard Laing
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