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Subject: Could Mefin in Tanzania be substandard? (cont'd)

E-drug: Could Mefin in Tanzania be substandard? (cont'd)

It is difficult to judge the substandard potential of Mefin as such.
However it is
interesting to notice that on Thursday, July 17, 1997, in the East African
Standard, a Kenyan newspaper, was posted a full page notice which title
"Important notice relating to trademark infringement and trade in
counterfeit" on

To summarize, the notice was presenting the case of a counterfeit
and compared it with the original. The posting was presented as a
public health campaign between Pharmacia & Upjohn and the MOH - GOK, The
Pharmacy and Poisons board as well as the National Quality control

We know that counterfeit drugs, substandard or not, are an increased common
practice in developing countries. If the problem happened to Metakelfin, so
not to Mefin?

Testing the product is an interesting action to be done. You could also
control with the manufacturer that the manufacturing date, the expiration
and the batch number are not fake and really originated from the known

Best regards,

Pascal Olle
ICRC Geneva
e-mail: polle@icrc.org
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