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E-DRUG: PTC Committees

E-drug: PTC Committees

Dear E-druggers,

Gauteng Province in South Africa is currently reviewing the role of 
Pharmaco-Therapeutic Committees (PTC) at provincial, regional, 
district and hospital level, and would like to receive info from 
other countries on the powers, place in the organogramme, composition 
(doctor/pharmacist ratio?)  and terms of reference of  PTC 

Reason for this is the introduction of the Essential Drug 
List in South African hospitals, due for later this year. It is 
expected that this will create a lot of debate, which will need to be 
positively structured. We are assuming that PTC Committees could play 
an important role in this, but we would like to hear from other 
countries of any (un)published data on their (in)effectiveness in 
rationalizing drug use as well.

kind regards,

Lourens van der Merwe
Head, Pharmaceutical Services
Gauteng Province
South Africa
fax +27-11-3553430
email c/o SADAP: bannew@hltrsa.pwv.gov.za

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