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E-DRUG: Osteoporosis and Oestrogens / Fosamox (cont'd)

E-drug: Osteoporosis and Oestrogens / Fosamox (cont'd)

In addition to the consensus statement on osteoporosis treatment
mentioned by Mark Dunn in Tasmania, there is a systematic
review of the effects of estrogens on fracture rates (and separate
reviews of the impact on bone mineral density/content) which were
part of a report to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 
Biphosphonates were not included. The information is a little out
of date, but we have some spare copies of the report in Newcastle
for those who are interested. 

There are reviews of Calcium and Vitamin D in the Cochrane
Library, and I think reviews of estrogens and bisphosphonates are
pending. There are very few comparative studies of estrogens and
alternative treatments but a comparative trial of estrogen and
alendronate has been published recently (New England Journal
of Medicine. 338(8):485-492, 1998 February 19)

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