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E-DRUG: Conference announcement

E-drug: Conference announcement

Dear listmembers,

Here is the final announcement of the conference on ethics and
economics in pharmacotherapy.

Hana Muellerova, PhD
Dept. Social&Clinical Pharmacy
Charles University
Hradec Kralove 50005
Czech Republic
fax - +420/49/5210002
e-mail: mulleroh@faf.cuni.cz

June, 4 - 6, 1998 in Hradec Kr lov?, Czech Republic

8.30    Opening (J.Vlcek, E.Kvasnickov , L.Pr znovcov ; J.
        Kouteck )
        Lectures I - chairmen: R. Dessing, L. Pr znovcov , 
9.00            Merrills J (UK): An introduction to ethics and economics
9.30            Kouteck  J (Czech Republic): Ethical problems from the
                point of view of physicians 
9.55    Sado (F): Clinical trials 
10.20   Ch. Byk (France - CIOMS)): Drugs and the European
                Legislation Policy: developing the market and safety
                needed in public health 
11.45   Coffee break
12.00           J. Payn (Czech Republic): Informed consent: Its structure
        and role in modern medicine
12.25   A. Edgar (UK) :"Teaching of ethics, focusing on the
12.50   Lunch Discussion 
14.00   Workshops 1 - 6
16.00   Coffee break - poster discussion
16.30   Lectures II - chairmen: B. Leufkens, J. Netocn 
16.35   R. Walker (UK): Can we afford the medicines we need -
        an ethical dilemma
16.55   CB Claesson (Sweden): Drug choice and ethical dilemma
16.40   A. Hartzema (USA North Caroline): Practice guidelines:
        the economics of evidence based clinical decisions.
17.10   Discussion
17.30   Gottler M., Scheenweiss S., Hasfors J (Germany )> Cost
        and preventability of adverse drug reactions leading to
        hospital admissions
17.45   Bovy K., R. Vanden Stichele, Bogaert M.(Belgium)
        Management of severe pediatric cancer pain in Flemish
        University hospitals
18.00   Prymula R (CZ)
20.00   Party

9.00    Lectures III - chairmen B. Hartzema, J. Vleek, S. Salek
9.00    B. Leufkens (The Netherlands): 'The interplay between
        drug and patient / factors in evaluating patient outcomes
        of drug therapy'?
9.25    L.Bootman (USA): Economics of drug related morbidity
        and Mortality in ambulatory, acute care and long term
        care settings
9.50    S.Salek (UK) "Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL)
        and Pharmacotherapeutic outcomes:  Practical and
        Methodological Issues for Teaching and Research"
10.15   Coffee break - poster discussion
10.45   R. Dessing (The Netherlands) - Ethics in pharmacy -
        what is the reality
11.15   M.Schaefer (Germany): Quality of Life in Pharmaceutical
11.30   Discussion of last two lectures
11.40   J.Lilja (Finland) : Ethical values in pharmacotherapy
        and pharmacoeconomics -With examples from the field
        of psychotropics 
12.05   G. Carstens (Germany)): Economical and ethical aspects
        of cancer therapy
12.30   Reinstein JA (UK): Ethical promotion and advertising -
        what does it mean and how can it be controlled?
13.00   Lunch
14.15   Workshops 1 - 6
16.00   Coffee break
        Lecture IV - chairman: R. Walker 
16.30   J. Cvihovec, J. Blaho : Ethical and economical problems
        of drug categorisation for drug reimbursement
17.20   Round table discussion
                chair - R. Walker, J Cvihovec (authorities),  A. Hartzema
                scientist); Reinstein JA, (industry), R. Dessing
                (pharmacist), C. Anderson (inter-professional relations) 
18.20   Conclusion of symposium
20.30   Farewell dinner in Alexandria

1/   R. Walker: Managing the entry of new drugs
2/   A. Edgard; S. Salek: Ethical aspects of QALYs
3/   L. Bootman: Pharmacoeconomic education for
4/   G. Carstens: Economical and ethical aspects of cancer
5/   A. Hartzema:  Health related-QoL instrumentation.
6/   C. Anderson (UK): Interface between physicians and

Third day -    6.6.1998 Praha - Carolinum sight seeing 
          18.00 dinner

Detailed information (including full programme) is available on
home page: http://www.faf.cuni.cz/

Symposium Secretariat - registration:
Ethical and Economical Aspects of Pharmacotherapy
Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyn?
P. O. Box 88, Sokolsk  31, CZ - 120 26 Prague 2
Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 2 297 271, + 420 2 2491 5195
Fax:     + 420 2 294 610, + 420 2 2421 6836
E-mail: lon@czechmed.anet.cz

     Registration Fees:
     Late (after May 1)
     Full participant           450 DM
     Student                    200 DM
     Accompanying person        150 DM
Send mail for the `E-Drug' conference to `e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.
Mail administrative requests to `majordomo@usa.healthnet.org'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `owner-e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.

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