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E-DRUG: Vacancy in Vietnam

E-drug: Vacancy in Vietnam

InDevelop Uppsala AB (International Development Consultant
Services) is a Swedish consultancy company providing technical
assistance and project management in social sector in developing


Since the mid 1970s the Swedish government, through Sida
(Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) has
financed  a development programme within the health sector in
Vietnam. Drug Policy and Control is one of six areas for support
in the present five year plan, which started in October 1994.

The Ministry of Health in Vietnam has the overall responsibility for
the Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation. InDevelop is contracted
by the Ministry to assist in the implementation of the cooperation.
Among other responsibilities, InDevelop employs long and short
term advisers.

Recently Vietnam has developed a National drug Policy (VNDP).
In the Drug Policy and Control area there are two posts as long
term advisers, one Technical Adviser for Rational and Safe Use
of Drugs and one Pharmaceutical Adviser. Eligible candidates are
hereby invited to apply for the position as Pharmaceutical Adviser.

The overall duty is to assist the Head of area and his/her
colleagues in the Area to achieve the objectives of the support.
The role of the adviser is to advise and assist, not to be executive.
The duties are i.a. to: 

 *        act as source of information and expertise to the Ministry of
          Health, Area of Drug Policy and Control, in technical matters,
          especially the development of a Drug law and other
          drug-related legislation,
 *       assist in the implementation of the National Drug Policy,
 *        develop the skills of colleagues working in the Drug
          Administration in Vietnam,
 *        assist in designing, establishing and implementing effective
          management procedures including planning, monitoring and
          reporting of the cooperation,
 *        assist in preparing Annual Plans of Operation including their
          implementation and monitoring, and
 *        assist and advise in other aspect of the pharmaceutical
          sector e.g. drug quality control, drug market control, etc.

 *        pharmacist, graduated from a pharmaceutical faculty or
          university. Other academic education is acceptable if
          combined with working experience from the pharmaceutical
 *        at least 7 years of working experience from the
          pharmaceutical sector in developing countries. In addition,
          experience from working in developing countries is preferred,
 *        at least 10 years work experience as medical doctor,
          preferably in senior position,
 *        good knowledge of drug legislation and drug law related work
          is imperative,
 *        good general knowledge of all parts of a functioning
          pharmaceutical sector in a country, · skills and experience in
          planing, organization and administration, · good ability to
          communicate in written and spoken English.

Contract period: June 1998 - June 1999.

Approach: Transfer of knowledge and competence is the
overriding task of the advisers and should guide his/her work in
all matters.

Duty station: Hanoi, Ministry of Health

Closing date for application: Latest May 30, 1998 to InDevelop,
Drottninggatan 7,  S-753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Information: For further information and application form please
write to or call:

Birger Carl Forsberg, Rolf Karlsson or Agneta Lindsjö, 
phone +46 (0)18 15 71 55, fax +46 (0)18 10 15 13
or e-mail: info@indevelop.se
Send mail for the `E-Drug' conference to `e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.
Mail administrative requests to `majordomo@usa.healthnet.org'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `owner-e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.

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