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E-DRUG: Osteoporosis and Oestrogens / Fosamox

E-drug: Osteoporosis and Oestrogens / Fosamox

Dear friends,

In Switzerland, we have a discussion on the indication of
hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and osteoporosis. For that
reason we want to know the state of the art  of the HRT in
different countries. Our questions are:

-         Do national / regional treatment guidelines about HRT exist in
-         What are the indications of HRT?
-         Is the combination with gestagen always indicated. And if not,
-         When is the best time to start HRT and how long should it be

Because Alendronat (Fosamox) is expensive and has several
side effects, we need also information about the prescribing
habits of this drug. 

-         Do national / regional treatment guidelines about Alendronat
-         When is Fosamax indicated?

Thank you for your help.

Markus Fritz
Swiss Drug Information Center SDIC/SMI
Postfach 124
CH 4007 Basle/Switzerland
Phone  +41/61/6925140
Fax  +41/61/6928711
e-mail: 100604.204@compuserve.com
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