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E-DRUG: Siting policies for pharmacies (cont'd)

E-drug: Siting policies for pharmacies (cont'd)

The report from the Czech Republic.
We have no regulations on the siting of pharmacies. Everyone can
open a pharmacy everywhere. The chief of the pharmacy has to
be a pharmacist, the owner can be everyone. One person or
organization can have a net of pharmacies - i.e. there is no rule to
limit the number of pharmacies to one subject.
A pharmacy can be opened everywhere, but it should correspond
to the rules of the State Institute of Drug Control. The licence of a
new pharmacy has to be also approved by a local health authority
and the Chamber of Pharmacists. The last one - the Chamber of
Pharmacists - may decide not to alow the pharmacy to open in a
district with many existing retail pharmacies, but it does not use
this restriction often. The Chamber of Pharmacists organizes a set
of rules to limit the number of new pharmacies and their spread,
but the rules are debated a lot. It could be expected to be a law in
two or three years.

Hana Muellerova, PhD
Dept. Social&Clinical Pharmacy
Charles University
Hradec Kralove 50005
Czech Republic
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