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E-DRUG: Agenda Workshop

E-drug: Agenda Workshop

Workshop on Intellectual Property, Health Care and
   International Trade Agreements

May 7-8, 1998
Capital Room
Hotel Washington
Washington, DC

Thursday, May 7

9:00  AM  Opening Remarks by Ralph Nader and Introduction
          of participants

9:30 AM   Overview of Intellectual Property Issues and
          Public Interest Considerations, as they relate to
          public health

          Public Health and Research and Development
          What are the available Mechanisms to Finance R&D?
          Who makes policy?

10:30 AM  Break

10:45 AM  Discussion of specific IPR disputes

Patent Disputes

     Parallel imports
     Counterfeit drugs
     Scope of patents in health care
     Standards for patent protection
     Second use patents, evergreening of patents, and
          related issues
     Bolar provisions and other exemptions for medical
     Patent terms and patent extensions
     Compulsory licensing

Non-Patent Issues

     Health Registration Data
          "unfair competition" protections
     Orphan Drugs
          exclusive marketing rights
     Sui Generis Database Legislation
     Trademarks and Public Health.
          generic drugs
          infant formula

12:00 PM  Break for Lunch in Area Restaurants

1:30 PM   Continue Discussion of Specific IPR disputes

3:30 PM   Break

3:45 PM   Continue Discussion of Specific IPR disputes

5:30 PM   Conclusion of First Day

Friday, May 8

9:AM PM   Continue Discussion of Specific IPR disputes

10:00 AM  Economics of Drug Development
          What does it really cost to develop new drugs?
          Pricing of Government Funded Medical Inventions
          Need to collect economic data

11:00 AM  Break

11:15 AM  WHO Resolution on Revised Drug Policy

12:00- 1:30 PM      Lunch in area restaurants

1:30 PM   Dialog with U.S. Government Policy Makers

3:00 PM   Break

3:15 PM   How do consumer and public health advocates
          Organize?  Next Steps

5:00  PM  Concluding Comments

5:30  PM  Conclusion

For more information, see http://www.cptech.org/may7-8

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Consumer Project on Technology
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