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E-DRUG: Huatua Zaizao pills (cont'd)

E-drug: Huatua Zaizao pills (cont'd)

Dear Olimpia,

For such rubbish the Internet is priceless. Go to
http://www.fda.gov and you will find that this is in fda's
"detention  register", No. 3043940, and illegal imports have
been seized on 11  February last year. What is in it
("Restorative bolus with tremendous power") is described in
http://www.chinamedicine.com. Don't laugh: Ginseng -
Cow-bezoar - Musk - Rhinoceros horn - Borneol - Coptis 
rhizonme - Scorpion - Gastrodia tuber - Black-tail snake. Action: 
Dispels wind and removes dampness from the body. It seems
like a kind  of witches' brew. No wonder the WWF is fighting a
lost cause in China. Poor Pandas. If you can read German a
comprehensive  description of all that garbage is given in

Best wishes,

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