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E-DRUG: Siting policies for retail pharmacies (cont'd)

E-drug: Siting policies for retail pharmacies (cont'd)

In Cuba there are no private pharmacies. They are all directed
by the Ministry of Health, and located in all municipalities, to 
guarantee access. They are technically managed by a
pharmacist (graduated) or, if not, by a pharmacy technician.
In each municipality there is a Pharmacy Net, which is advised
by the Principal Pharmacy, working together with a  Pharmacist
and a family Doctor. These also preside the Pharmacy and
Therapeutics Committee of the Municipality.

The Principal Pharmacy is in charge of:
    a.    describing drug use patterns
    b.    identification of inadequate therapeutic practices
    c.    update prescribers with scientific information
    d.    Prepare continuing education for prescribers
    e.    coordinate and promote pharmacoepidemiologic research
    f.    develop improvement of dispensing practices

This new system was started in 1996, and the results are good
so far.

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Center for Development of Pharmacoepidemiology
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