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E-DRUG: Size of generic market in developing countries

A while ago someone, and I'm sorry I don't remember who asked for
information about how large the generic industry was in developing
countries.  I recently came across some information on this topic in the
following article:

Nogues JJ.  Social costs and benefits of introducing patent protection for
pharmaceutical drugs in developing countries.  The Developing Economies
Vol. 30, No. 1, March 1995, pp.24-53.

                      Argentina   Brazil   India   Mexico   Korea   Taiwan

Patented                771.6       1750.4   2546.0  825.5    308.0   197.4

Sales by domest-        231.0        93.8    920.0   136.5    188.0     27.4
ic firms of
copied drugs

Sales of drug by        540.0      1656.6   1626.0   716.0    120.0    170.0
firms who are
patent owners

All figures are in US$ million

The dates for these figures are not given but the source is:

MacLaughlin JH, Richards TJ, Kenny LA.  The economic significance of
piracy.  In:  Intellectual property rights:  global consensus, global
conflict?  Gadbaw RM, Richards TJ (EDS.)  Boulder Colorado:  Westview
Press, 1988

I hope this is of some help to whomever made the original request.

Joel Lexchin

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