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E-DRUG: Online Package Inserts

Dear E-druggers,

Sometime back, I posted a request to u asking for info about websites
where one can access online package inserts.  I wish to thank all those
who were able to respond to my query and here is a listing of few useful
sites to access drug information/monographs/formulary:
1. http://www.rxlist.com
The RxList database consists primarily of products currently on the U.S.
market or close to approval.

2. http://www.uct.ac.za/depts/mmi/jmoodie/editor.html
South African Medicines Formulary (Electronic edition). 

[South African Electronic Package Insert website is temporarily shut?]

3. http://gsm.com/resources/cponline
Clinical Pharmacology Drug Monograph service

4. http://www.mosby.com/Mosby/PhyGenRX/index.html
Physicians GenRx Mosby's Complete drug reference (in development)

5. http://housecall.com/forums/second.pages/drugs.html
Very useful site for especially for consumers
6. http://www.healthnetconnect.net/drug.html
HealthNet Drug Formulary page

Happy browsing! Please note, I have not evaluated any of the above
websites. British National Formulary - BNF is one of the authoritative
drug formulary that has yet to be accessed online although the electronic
BNF (Number 32) in disk and CD-ROM is now available for sale.

I take this opportunity to offer seasons greetings, health, peace,
happiness and a very productive year ahead to all E-druggers.
Syed Rizwanuddin Ahmad, MD, MPH
Drug Safety, Education, and Information
P.O.Box 5750
Washington, DC 20016-1350, USA
Email: srahmad@essential.org

Note from the E-drug moderators:

Some of you have sent Xmas and New Years messages to the list: thank you very
But in order not to overload some people who pay for every kilobyte received, we
took the liberty
to intercept them. In name of all, we want to add to this message: E-drug wishes
you a productive 1997!

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