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E-DRUG: Re: FIP's plea for 'activist' pharmacists

> Dear E-druggers,
> The activist pharmacist might also actively seek cheaper sources for his 
> medicines, and offer at least one generic alternative next to his line
> of branded products. At present the margins for his branded products are
> much more pleasant for his turnover than those on generics. Could the 
> pharmacist be moved to offer his patients a choice, or do we remain in the
> situation that brands, highly advertised and promoted and more expensive
> must be the better choice ? The pharmacist might help to alter this. That
>  would stop a lot of government interference .
> Or do I have that wrong?
> Gerrit Weeda, 

Dear Gerrit,
It is so that pharmacists are not very motivated to promote 
the sale of generic products as this has a direct impact on 
their remuneration.
It is for this reason that South Africa will be 
replacing the present remuneration structure based on a 
percentage mark-up with a fixed professional fee.  The 
pharmacist's remuneration will then be the same irrespective 
of the price of the product supplied.

Marius Fourie
Chief Pharmacist
Dept of Health: South Africa
email: HALL176@hltrsa.pwv.gov.za

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