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E-DRUG: Russian resources?

Dear E-Druggers,

HAI-Europe has a growing number of contacts in CIS and CCEE 
countries. Most of the excellent WHO/DAP materials are not available 
in Russian. Our colleagues have limited resources. We are making an 
inventory of materials on the rational use of drugs, essential drug concept, 
good prescribing, key reference books etc. IN RUSSIAN. Can you give 
us the references of the key materials you know have been translated, 
plus the probable place to find/order them. 

We are also interested to hear about projects where reference materials 
(like Martindale, BNF) are being translated into RUSSIAN.

Finally we would like to have your suggestions of 
organisations to approach as possible funders for translations of 
relevant materials.

Thank you for your help,

Bas van der Heide, HAI-Europe
| Health Action International Europe, Jacob van Lennepkade 334 T
| 1053 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tel. +31-(0)20.6833684  
| Fax +31-(0)20.6855002

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Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator

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