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     Dear E-Druggers:
     Re:  course on prescribing
     Keith Johnson and I are looking for published articles or book 
     chapters describing courses on teaching prescribing especially those 
     taught by pharmacists to other health professionals.  
     We taught for years a course to 1st year Georgetown med students, "How 
     to be a good prescriber" (non-pharmacological aspects).  We presented 
     it at FIP in Jerusalem and received encouragement to publish an 
     article about it. 
     No we don't have any evidence that the course had any positive affect 
     in the long run.  For sure we would like to have it, but I don't 
     recall any of the undergraduate medical courses being held to that 
     standard.  We do know the students learned about sources of drug 
     information and how to evaluate them.
     Thanks for your help.
     Pat Bush
     USP Division of Information Development
     12601 Twinbrook Parkway
     Rockville, MD 20852
     tel:  301 816-8241
     fax:  301 816-8374
     eml:  pjb@usp.org

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