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E-DRUG: Asthenia as indication & side-effects of L-carnitine


I don't have much info on carnitine, other than Meylers and Martindale,
which you have.  But, I do suggest that you put out the call for
information on the ANCHODD list, and perhaps the sci.med.pharmacy
newsgroup.  Both hit a slightly different audience than e-drug.  The
general info on ANCHODD, excerpted from their instruction message
sent to all subscribers, is  shown below.

Good luck,

Jim Rankin, Management Sciences for Health


L-carnitine is not marketed in Canada as a drug.  DL carnitine is available
in health food stores.  It is promoted to increase athletic performance.

Joel Lexchin

Joel Lexchin MD
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Toronto, Ontario
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Note from the moderator:

For 'technical' pharmaceutical questions, one can also use PHARMWEB.
The subscription info for ANCHODD is below - in principle it is similar to

Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator

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