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E-DRUG: Asthenia as indication & side-effects of L-carnitine

Dear e-druggers,

Recently, L-carnitine has been marketed in France with the official
indication of "functional asthenia". Of course, this indication has no real
Since 16 years in la revue Prescrire, has been presented a critical review
of all dugs marketed in France. For this case of L-carnitine, in order to
give some more weight to our article, we are trying to find out whether or
not L-carnitine has already been marketed, as registered drug, for any
approaching indication in any other country. Please do not mention products
which would have been registered as nutritive substances and not as drug.
So far the review of litterature shows that not one single published study
has tried L-carnitine for asthenia, although it desesperately tried it for
too many other indications. Our conclusion is that this marketing is
equivalent to marketing a placebo. This is why we also concentrate our
research on side effects, including interactions. We've already explored
Meyler's side effects of drugs, Meyler's annual and Reactions databases. If
you are aware of any report, especially in country where L-carnitine is much
used like Italy, could you please send the reference or if possible a copy.

Thanks in advance,

** Jerome Sclafer                                       **
** La revue Precrire - Member of the Editorial Team     **
** E-mail: jeromejet@easynet.fr                         **
** Prescrire tel: +33 1 4700 9445  fax: +33 1 4807 8732 **

P.S. By the way, la revue Prescrire does exist in English: Precrire
International. If interested ask for information.

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