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E-DRUG: Re: Lack of Impact from Undergraduate Prescibing Training

Dear E-drugers,

The issue with the impact of undergratuate prescribing courses on 
rational prescribing may be in part one of learning good  
practices that are finite in time, instead of promoting a more profound
change in medical curriculums and continuing education programs towards the 
development of evidence-based medical practice - learning the principles 
of critical appraisal of the available evidence rather than what is 
rational or irrational at a specific point in time, which is only quite 
likely to be time-dependent. Viewed this way, the issue of when to teach 
good prescribing is one of too little, too late if near or around 
internship & residence when students are quite busy and coping, or too 
early, too much when students are learning pharmacology.   

Is there evidence that graduates of schools of med with strong curriculums 
based on the practice of evidence-based medicine "fare
better" in prescribing practice, whatever it means? 

Rodolfo Dennis
Universidad Javeriana
Bogota, Colombia
email: rdennis@javercol.javeriana.edu.co

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