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E-DRUG: Re: Training on rational use of drugs

Dear Geert Kocken:

I would like to hear more about the pharmacotherapy discussion groups.  Is
there any published literature on this topic? I have seen one paper on this
from The Netherlands:  Grol R., Mokkink H, Schellevis F.  The effects of
peer review in general practice.  JR Coll Gen Pract 1988;38:10-3.  Are
there more in English?

Also I am one of the editors of Drugs of Choice:  A Formulary for General
Practice.  This is an evidenced based book of drug recommendations for over
170 conditions that general practitioners would initiate therapy for.  The
second edition of this book will be out hopefully sometime in February.  If
you would like I can send you information about how to obtain a copy.

Joel Lexchin

Joel Lexchin MD
121 Walmer Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone:  (416)-964-7186
Fax:  (416)-923-9515 

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