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E-DRUG: Re: Training on rational use of drugs

Dear E-druggers,

In the Netherlands, the Stichting DGV, has implemented a nation-wide
structure to deal with the problem of rational drug use. National
implementation of pharmacotherapy discussion groups started in 1992. 
Dutch health authorities recognised that effective drug policy and 
the economical use of public funds cannot be achieved solely by cost
control. Active participation in a group by GPs and pharmcists 
stimuates them to improve the quality of prescription and to 
attain a more rational anf effective use of medication.
At the moment I am starting a project to implement pharmacotherapy
discussion groups in Europe. The emphasis is on primary care and 
the modus operandi is bottom-up. The aim is to strenghten the demand
side, i.e. the doctor and the patient. The project will provide 
useful indicators of cost-effective use of medication.

For more information you can contact me:

Geert Kocken
Stichting DGV
Churchilllaan 11
3527 GV Utrecht
email dgv@worldaccess.nl 

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